Woodcraft at its finest

Woodcraft at its finest

To make our handcrafted musical spoons, we begin by selecting blocks of pure Canadian Maple Wood from a local mill. Maple wood is a hard, noble wood that is perfect for percussion instruments.

Here are the next steps in our process:

  • drill the cavity and trace the shape of the spoon
  • use a bandsaw to cut the shape of the spoon by hand
  • use different sanding machines to polish the surface
  • final hand sand for definition
  • spray paint our colored spoons and stain them by hand
  • finish with a layer of sealer and lacquer
  • handprint the logo with a silkscreen process
  • test completed spoon for sound and finish

As you can see, we take our time making each and every spoon. It takes roughly four to six weeks to finish a batch of our spoons, from the raw wood black to the finished product. The very nature of our process means that each Heritage Musical Spoon is a unique and lovingly created instrument.