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Handmade musical spoons are the perfect souvenir for all local and international tourists. If you sell to tourists, you should be selling Heritage Musical Spoons!

Since 1997, Heritage Musical Spoons has been providing superior quality, handmade spoons to retailers across Canada and the USA. Our spoons are handcrafted in Canada out of Canadian maple wood. They are easy to learn and fun to play for any age.

Today, you can find Heritage Musical Spoons in over 200 stores and retailers at the most popular tourist destinations. Thousands of visitors have taken home our spoons from historic sites, museums, aquariums, heritage parks, and welcome centers. They also make the most unique and original gift.

Your order of Heritage Musical Spoons comes with a FREE dedicated barn-wood display. This attractive, rustic merchandising unit will catch your customers’ eye - you’ll be selling out without lifting a finger!

 Each set of spoons also comes with easy-to-follow instructions and a link to video tutorials. Everyone, young and old, can learn to play the spoons and remember the great time they had with this unique souvenir.

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