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A Father & Son business – since 1997

Heritage Musical Spoons is owned and operated by Richard and Mathieu, a father and son team from Quebec, Canada. Richard crafted his first set of spoons way back in 1997 for a friend who ran a small tour guide company and was looking for a unique gift for his clients. Later, his son joined the company and together, Richard and Mathieu have built a family business based on quality, integrity, and a commitment to their customers. Richard, with his love of woodworking and craftsmanship, is known as the heart of the business; Mathieu, with his business and marketing skills, as the brains.


Richard has devoted his life to celebrating the beauty of nature through woodworking. He loves nature, wood and music, and being able to combine these three passions into his musical spoons is a source of great joy. He has an adventurous spirit so running his own business is just his kind of challenge. When he’s not in the woodshop, you’ll find him on the water, kite-surfing. In the wintertime, it’s skiing the backcountry that keeps his adrenaline flowing.


After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Business from Sherbrooke University, Mathieu worked in Marketing for celebrated companies like L’Oréal and Air Canada. He loved stretching his creativity and leading exciting projects but wanted something that was personally fulfilling. In 2016, he made the jump and joined his father full time at Heritage Musical Spoons - and he couldn’t be happier. Outside the family business, Mathieu is passionate about travel and trail running.

Heritage workshop

Richard built the workshop from is own hands. It's small but it feels like home. 

 Richard & Mathieu, Circa 1987

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